TRANSLATE does one thing very, very well. English to French, parfait every time.

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What We Do

TRANSLATE provides English to French translation of product listings and localisation for French marketplace sellers:

  • Optimise product listing
  • Creative product descriptions with integrated SEO strategic content
  • Onsite content and merchandising: banners / headlines, checkout, delivery and returns, FAQ’s, customer emails
  • Social Media postings and blogs
  • Never machine translated


The Opportunity

France is Europe’s second-largest e-commerce market and its online revenues continue to exhibit year-on-year double-digit growth. With 64% of Internet users purchasing online in 2015, the outlook for e-commerce in France is very positive. The average spend per consumer has never been so high, showing that the Internet plays a huge role in French buying habits, and the country has one of the highest eGDP shares in Europe. In addition, the French benefit from high purchasing power, reliable payment methods, and low shipping costs. 


The Barriers to Entry

Linguistic and Localisation: Of all European countries, France is arguably the most protective of her language. It is with this in mind that TRANSLATE ensures effective communication which respects the French language and its proper usage. In the retail context, expectations are even higher; poorly translated materials result, quite simply, in a click away and a lost sale. Delivering colloquial, correctly-toned language to maximize the chances of a successful sale is our raison d'être. 

Strategic: It is important to determine the best-fit platform and distribution model for your product range. TRANSLATE is happy to recommend Pivot International as a strategic adviser. 

Legal: There are a number of key legal issues that must be taken into account when considering entry into the French market. TRANSLATE clients recommend Linklaters, a firm that is able to provide a multi-national perspective to any legal issue.

Forex: the correct partner for your foreign exchange requirements is critical to ensure prompt remittance of sale funds and the settling of your own invoices in France. World First are forex market leaders with deep experience in facilitating cross-border commerce. Highly recommended.


Our Process


Assessment of need and quote for scope of work.


Translation of material, quality control.


Coordination with platform. Inventory live. 


Ongoing content creation & inventory translation.


Our Partners


Helping English language marketplace sellers access 70 million potential buyers


Marketplace Partners


"Simple process. Immediate results. Made entering this key market incredibly simple."


Selected Clients

Official Translation Partner of

Walk the Congo 

The world's first attempt to walk the 3000-mile Congo River.

A team on a mission to amplify the voices of Congo's women and girls.

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Our Team



Christina Storie-Pugh, English native speaker, has lived in France for twenty years. She has eight years of retail-specific  translation experience. Christina is also responsible for driving client content creation strategy.



Cédric Foussier has a background in brand development at a major French retail platform. He has successfully shepherded over 400 international brands into the French marketplace with revenue generation in excess of Euros 1 billion.



"Boy, those French! They have a different word for everything."


Steve Martin


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